Research questions

The fundamental research question is:staircase-up

‘What grounds are there for thinking that love, in religious consciousness and practice today, is the ultimate reality of the universe?’

This question will be explored through seven areas of research. Click on each for detailed questions:

    1. The theology of love in creation and salvation.
    2. The phenomenology of love.
    3. The epistemology and cognition of love.
    4. The anthropology of love.
    5. Love mysticism.
    6. Ethics of love.
    7. Ethnographical enquiry into consciousness of love in religious communities.

All these areas involve theological reflection intended to illuminate the basic research question.
These questions will guide the work of the academic staff engaged in the project, and they are also intended to direct writers of papers for colloquia and conferences when one or more of these areas will be specified as the theme.  

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